Our Story

How it all started...

What if? In many ways these two words are responsible for the existence of HILLCITY Church. In late 2011, a group of people got together and started asking a bunch of "What if?" questions. What if we thought about “church” differently? What if it was more about a person (Jesus), and less about politics? What if there was a group of people who, together, struggled to live out their faith in every area of life? What if they talked about their issues and struggles, instead of trying to hide them? What if, instead of focusing on the place where we meet, we placed a priority on the people we met with? What if we tried to make the words of the Bible more accessible, so that people could really understand and apply them? What if, what if, what if? 

Questions led to prayer meetings and discussions in living rooms. We wanted to know, was there a need for ANOTHER church in Hudson? Is this what God was calling us to do? What would it look like? Where would we meet? More questions that needed answers, but as we continued to meet, we felt strongly that the answers to our "What if?" questions were worthy of allowing God the chance to do something exciting in the Hudson community. In April of 2012, HILLCITY Church was born.

We made a website, started a Facebook page, found ourselves a place to get together on Sunday nights, and just sort of went for it. People gathering together to worship the God who changes lives, and sharing their lives with the people around them every week. We weren't sure what we were doing (and sometimes we still aren’t), but we knew that God had planted those "What if?" questions inside of us, and we were excited to see Him answer them.

And that’s where you come in. See, over the last few years, God has been answering the "What if?" questions that started HILLCITY with the stories of people. People who are broken. People who need other people. People who need Jesus. We come together and do the best we can to help one another become more and more like Jesus - and have a lot of fun along the way. And you, you might just be part of God’s answer to one of those questions as well. You are part of something bigger than yourself; you are part of His story. A story that, like our little church, is ever changing, growing, and evolving into something God can use to draw people closer to Himself and change their lives forever. 

HILLCITY Church isn't a place. It never has been and never will be - It's people. People living for Jesus and for one another. A community within a community, sharing our stories for the impact and influence of His story, and hopefully answering some "What if?" questions along the way.

Who we're trying to be

We believe that the church is a family. Sons and daughters of the Living God, and the bride of Jesus. While those words might sound religious, we think they're so much more than that. They speak to the reality that we are the family of God, doing life alongside one another - in good times and in hard ones - and striving to help each other become better people, and followers of Jesus. Because of that, we do A LOT of things together. We sing, we learn, we talk and we pray. We eat, we laugh, and we celebrate. We mourn, we struggle, and we cry. Anything that can be done in community - we try to do just that. We hope that HILLCITY will be a place where you get to know some of the best friends you'll ever have, and a meaningful part of your everyday life. And just like families impact the neighborhoods that they live in, we hope HILLCITY will be a group of people who are impacting the lives of those who live in the neighborhoods of our cities. 

How we're trying to do it

Our city has SO many wonderful people doing incredible things to help people who are in need. Whether it's those who work with others to get them the financial resources they need, people struggling alongside those with mental health issues, or groups trying to provide food for vulnerable kids in the community - we believe that there is power in facing these issues together. We strongly believe that we don't need to reinvent the wheel in our efforts to conquer these issues; and so with that heart, we have become partners with many local organizations in an attempt to make an impact in our community. HILLCITY is dedicated to giving back at least 10% of all that comes into our ministry, and encouraging those that call HILLCITY home to give back through their gifts, talents, and abilities as well. Some of the local (and non-local) organizations we have established partnerships with include:

Operation HELP 
The St. Croix Valley United Way 
The Hudson Backpack Program 
ZOE International 
Hudson Area Food shelf
Teens for Christ
St. Pat's Church and School

Become a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday for worship at 10 AM!