What to expect

when you're checking us out

Our Sunday services

We usually start by singing a few songs. (Don't worry, the guy next to you can't sing either.) After we sing, we talk about real things we can do to live out our faith in our communities. Things like praying for those in need, volunteering at local organizations, and celebrating the small victories of life together. Afterward, someone (usually our pastor) gets up and talks about Jesus. Who He was, what He taught, why it's important, and how it can change our lives. A couple more songs and you're out the door. (Don't worry - we know there's football on soon.)

We've got stuff for your kids

Kids are important little people, aren't they? They dominate our Facebook feeds, our families, and our free time. At HILLCITY, we want EVERYONE to experience a live-giving, life-changing relationship with Jesus - as soon as possible. That's why we offer great stuff for your kids too!  Each Sunday our awesome Kids Director Mrs. Lisa, and her amazing volunteers, provide an age appropriate and intentional Bible lesson, followed by time spent in age specific groups for deeper discussion. Oh, and don't worry; there's a time for singing, games to be played, and a few snacks for everyone too.

Who we are

Congratulations, you've finally done it. You found the perfect church! Actually, not hardly. We're just a group of people trying to love Jesus and other people more.

Each week we get together to drink some coffee, eat some yummy baked goods, sing some songs, and listen to somebody talk about how God is at work in our world. It's all in an attempt to be better followers of Jesus and better friends to one another. Our service isn't the same every week, but you can always expect some combination of these elements when you come to worship with us.

At HILLCITY, we think it's important to live out our faith in Jesus through EVERY aspect and opportunity of our lives. We value relationships and community so much that we get together outside of our "regular services" all the time for things like grilled cheese making contests, summer BBQ's and bonfires, and Christmas parties.

We also have Life groups (small groups) that gather to get to know each other on a more personal level, share a meal, and grow in relationship with Jesus. We've found this to be the best way to do all these things, so show up at somebody's house and give it a go! Whether you want to bring your kids, or leave them at home - we've got the group for you! Currently, we've got groups meeting in Hudson, North Hudson, and a few in Roberts as well. Groups meet either on the 1st and 3rd Friday or Sunday Nights. All groups meet @ 6PM.

While we can promise we aren't the perfect church, we think it's a pretty cool group to be part of and hope you'll come hang out with us very soon!