first time here?

Here's what it looks like to visit HILLCITY.

  • A typical service

    We usually start by singing a few songs. (Don't worry, the guy next to you can't sing either.) After we sing, we talk about real things we can do to live out our faith in our communities. Things like praying for those in need, volunteering at local organizations, and celebrating the small victories of life together. Afterward, someone (usually our pastor) gets up and talks about Jesus. Who He was, what He taught, why it's important, and how it can change our lives. One more song and you're out the door. (We know there's football on soon.)

  • we've got STUFF FOR KIDS TOO

    Kids are important little people, aren't they? They dominate our Facebook feeds, our families, and our free time. At HILLCITY, we want EVERYONE to experience a live-giving, life-changing relationship with Jesus - as soon as possible. That's why we offer great stuff for your kids too! Once they're checked in, they'll get to sing songs, hear great Biblical teaching from our awesome volunteers, and do something fun or crafty. After the service, they'll be waiting for you with smiles plastered from ear to ear to come pick them up. And if experience holds true, you won't have to talk them into coming back again!

  • we LOVE FOOD

    Who doesn't, right? Almost everything we do involves food in some way. We've got coffee and pastries at every service. We frequently hang out afterward for some kind of lunch thing; and even if we don't, you can always grab someone and hit-up a restaurant downtown. It's always easier to talk about faith with some great food on the table - even Jesus thought so!

  • join us

    Sundays | 10 am

    403 St Croix Street (St. Pat's school)

    Hudson, WI 54016

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